First Steps

Your first steps are always the hardest…

But here I am, typing like the wind (while the rest of the house is napping). Owning a small business is no easy feat. I literally cry sweat and bleed the things I am passionate about, and I absolutely love it. I am the kind of person who can tend to have a teensie bit of an obsessive personality… and what I’m finding is that it’s my obsessive personality that gives me drive and motivation to not only push my business further, but to make it better than any other business out there.

I love pleasing people, and feeling appreciated. Well, who doesn’t. But I find that I can fully fulfill these needs through creating artistic images. Feeling beautiful and confident has always been a priority in my life. I’m not perfect, and I have truly struggled through many insecurities growing up. I love that I can use my artistic images to show people how absolutely irreplaceable and incredible they are.

My business is so much more than photography. I do not sell portraits. I expose beauty.

Xoxo- Shauna Lynne

Pour L’

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2 thoughts on “First Steps

  1. Good luck with your business! It’s awesome knowing that there are people out there who really do this out of love and really have something to give. I’m following your blog, can’t wait to read more!

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