Why Photography?


Why photography? What do people gain from pictures? Everything that I do in my life- has to have a purpose. Although I aim for success, I could never achieve success by cheating people or through meaningless processes. Our time on this earth is so limited. Each day flies by, and is never able to be accessed again. My motto? Make each second count.

I fell in love with photography because of what I can give people through my artistic images. Yes, having a photo-shoot with me will provide you with beautiful irreplaceable images of yourself, but believe it or not- the product itself is not all that I give my clients. Taking images with Pour L’amour is an experience. Confidence. Self-Love. New perspectives.

How my clients feel after a photo-shoot completely alters the way that they see themselves. They see themselves through the world’s eyes, and can feel how irreplaceable they are. From the moment I am contacted for a photo-shoot, to the time portraits are delivered, I show my clients how much I appreciate and value them, and begin the process of pampering. Everyone deserves to feel like royalty. That alone is worth all of the time and energy that I invest in my business.


Shauna Lynne

Pour L’amour.Com

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