The Dog Days Are Not Over

Hey beautiful!

As you might know, I conducted a survey asking my target market several questions. One of the most important ones was about the kinds of posts they wanted to see. I took the data from the this survey, and determined which posts I should do most often based on popularity. From this, I have been able to determine my blog’s new weekly schedule:

Mondays- Photo of the week. Many of you requested to see portfolio work. Ask and you shall receive! Each week I will upload a new photo taken by moi for your viewing pleasures!

Tuesdays and Thursdays- Beautiful You {I bet you’re singing Monk & Neagle’s Beautiful You in your head now 😉 }. Beauty posts including hair, health, and fitness. These posts range from original and shared blog posts to tutorials. Trust me- you don’t want to miss them!

Wednesdays- Wednesday Inspiration. Because let’s be real, everyone needs some extra oomph to get past our mid-week blues.

Fridays- Fashion Forward Fridays. Perfectly planned before the weekend to inspired those gorgeous weekend outfits, helping you to put your best dressed foot forward.

As promised, here is this week’s Photo of the Week!



As many of you know, we recently adopted a new furry baby, named Dixie. She is absolutely incredible! Well, if there is such thing as a perfect day- it was yesterday here in sunny FL! It was 70, sunny, and breezy all day. Naturally, it was a perfect day for a dog date. The dogs ran around and had a complete blast, and I was able to play around with a new lens that I’m thinking about purchasing. In short- it was perfect. Sad to see the weekend go, but we had an amazing time with good company. How was your weekend? Comment and let me know! Hopefully you got to enjoy it as much as I did!


Shauna Lynne

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