Friday Fashion Superbowl

As some of you might know, Friday’s here on the blog are exclusively Fashion days.

As many of you should know, New York’s Fashion week is in full swing.

Lauren Conrad, designer, blogger, and TV personality (man I miss The Hills and Laguna Beach!) has done an amazing job of covering Fashion week, so rather than reinventing the blogger-wheel, I decided to share her blog posts with you!

Fashion Week: 6 Fun Facts You Should Know 

Fashion Week: Backstage Beauty: Our Favorite Fashion Week Looks (Beauty Post)

Fashion Week: Kate Spade Spotlight

The lost goes on! The girls have been blogging like crazy at, but those are a few of my favorites. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did! If only I could steal some of those outfits through my screen…. a girl can dram!


Shauna Lynne

Pour L’amour.Com

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