Seeking Sole Mates


(Sign made by GreatestLoveDesigns via Etsy)

Ever notice how despite your best efforts socks mysteriously disappear? I’m pretty positive that I have ten single sets of socks, longingly waiting to me worn again. Well luckily for them- fashion and beauty trends have found a way to be re-purposed: the sock bun.

Not going to lie, sock buns are my savior any time that I am running late or want to add an extra oomph of sleekness to my attire, but now that everyone is doing them, I began to search for new ways to reinvent the sock bun.

I introduce to you: The braided sock bun! I found this awesome tutorial on bebexo’s youtube page, and instantly knew that it was perfect for a Beautiful You segment. Although I do my sock buns a bit differently, this is another technique that might be easier for beginners.

I love how fun this braided sock bun looks. It adds some extra edge and takes away some of the sleekness that “normal” sock buns have. It’s perfect for a day of hanging out with friends or even a night on the town. How do you feel about sock buns and this braided version? Comment below and let me know!


Shauna Lynne

Pour L’amour.Com

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