Beautiful You: Get Catty

Happy Thursday!

Do you know what that means? One more day until Friday! I don’t know about you, but I was basically jumping up and down as I said that! With the weekend approaching, I decided to go with a make-up tutorial. Many of you who know me probably have noticed that I am a HUGE fan of the 1960’s cat eye style as my current eyeliner go-to.

My first few tries- complete disasters. My best tip for you would be to give yourself time for mistakes. Yes, you will make them. Anticipate them and be ready for them. Q-tips and make-up remover will be you r best friend. Now, even after numerous times of mastering this look, I still need to give myself some margin for error, because I know I will make them {I swear my eyes are uneven, making this a very complicated look at times}.

I have found this Lauren Conrad Make-up tutorial to be one of the bests, so follow along, take your time, and enjoy how fab you look at the end!


Shauna Lynne

Pour L’amour.Com

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