Two Face

Okay- so first off, I need to apologize! I had this amazing blog schedule going, and was following it to a “T” and then, fell off the face of the earth. No bueno! I want to take a moment to apologize- there’s really no good excuse for it, aside from the truth, which is that despite my ambitions to be a daily blogger, time is just not on my side.

As some of you know, photography is not all that I do. I have been keeping my two professions so separate, it has been like I was living two different lives, but the truth is, I can separate my professions completely because they both make up who I am.  So- I am coming clean! In addition to being a photographer, I am a counselor, friend, enforcer, nurse, and educator. In other words, I am a teacher. If there is one thing I can say about being a teacher this time of the year- is it is busy! Although I am fully able to balance photo shoots, editing, teaching, and our upcoming FCAT assessments, but other activities  sadly have to fall  lower on my priority list. With Spring rolling around, I have begun to assess what I need to apply my spring cleaning to.

Just as I am going to be gutting my wardrobe, I need to assess my priorities, and decide where I should be allocating my time. After assessing my time management in detail, it appears that I need to allocate less time toward blogging. Although this makes me sad to throw away my amazing blog schedule, I still vow to blog once a week! I love connecting with my target market, and my favorite way to do this is via Wednesday Inspiration. Any negativity is too much negativity, and I love the positivity that I feel I can share through these posts.

Since this post has already become so lengthy, I will simply end this post with a small (day late) dose of inspiration.

I always have to remind myself that the only person I should compare myself to, is the person I used to be. Focusing on my own growth as a teacher, photographer, fiance, and friend allows me to assess my own growth, and continue to develop. Look back at yourself a day, week, or month ago and assess your personal growth. Rather than becoming bogged down by professionals who have been photographing for decades with thousands of dollars invested in equipment, I look back at my own previous work. When I look back at my own images, I am amazed to see how much my artistic abilities have grown, and it inspires me to continue growing and challenging myself.


Shauna Lynne

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