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I want you to try something. Think about the things in your life you feel the most blessed to have. What did you see? Was it your husband and children? Your best friend? Your adopted furry babies? Chances are- it fits the description of one word.

Irreplaceable. In this fast paced, time-is-money world, move it or lose is society, there are few things that we honestly cannot replace. What will always be irreplaceable? Family, friends, love, memories, and you.

My name is Shauna, and I believe in cherishing all of the irreplaceables in this world. If my phone or camera broke, would I be devastated? Possibly, but eventually I would replace them, and life would go on.

Now, take away my love, family, or friends, and you have completely stolen the core of my being. I believe in cherishing and celebrating the irreplaceables of life. That, is why I am a photographer. My job is to literally stop time, so you can look back days, weeks, or years from now and treasure all of the irreplaceables in your life.

Send me an e-mail right now so we can discuss your very own unique photo-shoot. Friends, family, or the love of your life- whatever, or whoever, the irreplaceables in your life might be. I promise you won’t regret it.

Shauna Lynne

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